Please review this recent CDC advisory regarding Influenza A in the United States.

In this advisory, the CDC outlines the changes that they have seen in Influenza A, as well as discussing the use various anti-viral agents for treatment in various age groups and institutional settings.

This information is important to help you determine the optimal treatment for your patients, based on these CDC recommendations.

For this reason, it is important to KNOW what you are treating.

4path’s RESP-20 molecular panels provide detection of several Influenza A types, Influenza B, as well as many other clinically significant viral and bacterial agents.

Download and read this important CDC document now.

Please note: Comments and recommendations provided in this paper are those of the US Center for Disease Control.  4path is not responsible for the content provided by the Center for Disease Control in this document or any action you take, or not take, based on the CDC document.

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