Cold and Flu Season 2015….it BEGINS

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when kids start to catch everything from each other.

At 4path we are starting to see an increase in respiratory cases being sent in…and many are positive.

So far, early in the season, we have been detecting:

  • Parainfluenza
  • Human Rhinovirus/Enterovirus

Note: There have been reports in the Chicagoland area of some Influenza A cases.  Do you have a patient with Influenza A type symptoms?  Test and know for sure!

Click HERE to see a complete listing of the infectious agents detected by our Resp-20 molecular infectious disease profile.

Do YOU have the ability to diagnose these cases rapidly (often within hours of receipt of specimen at laboratory)?

If not, why not offer this service to your patients?  Rapid diagnosis can:

  • Help reduce unnecessary antibiotic use for proven viral diseases
  • Provide information that can help clinicians determine if a patient requires hospitalization…or not, potentially reducing the cost of unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Help identify sick children and adults that have the potential to infect others at schools, daycare centers, senior citizen housing and nursing homes, as well as your own home!

Call 4path for more information   1-877-884-7284 and to obtain collection kits for fast, easy submission (single simple NP swab)

Learn more about our infectious disease testing.  Click HERE NOW.

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