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Specimen Pickup and Tracking

Need to schedule a pickup?

Call 1-877-88-4path (1-877-884-7284), extension 1

A member of the 4path team will assist you in scheduling your pickup.

For those infrequent times when we are unable to take your call …please leave a message with our operators and include the following:

  • Client Name (or client ID number)
  • Address / location   (Important!…especially for multi-site practices!)
  • Contact phone number
  • Date and Time
  • Where specimen will be placed (i.e. lock box in front, in back, in lobby etc.)

Have a tracking number?  Want to track your courier pickup?
Please note:  If you wish to be able to TRACK your pickup, ask the representative for the “JOB NUMBER”
When you enter that number in the tracking function, you will see “POD” with time, date and person accepting the delivery at 4path.

To schedule a pickup by Fed Ex

For instructions and assistance, call 1-877-884-7284 .

Need Supplies?

Give us a call during normal working hours, M-F : 1-877-884-7284
Drop us an e-mail at 4info@4path.com with your needs  (copy the list below and paste into the e-mail)
Print this page, indicate your needs and Fax it to 630.560.0120

Please send the following supplies to:

Practice Name:______________________________________

Practice Address:_____________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________________________

Phone number (w/extension):_____________________________

Specify Number Requested

___ Small formalin jars      ___ Medium formalin jars     ___ Large formalin jars
___ Postage Paid Fungal Nail collection kits    ___ Routine requisition forms
___ Podiatry requisition forms                           ___ Fed Ex pre-paid mailing bags
___ Resp-20 RT-PCR collection kits                 ___ GI-22 RT-PCR collection kits
___ Other item(s):

Pickup status: Normal

There are NO emergency conditions at this time.

If in doubt, call 4path at 1-877-884-7284.


Be sure to receive CONFIRMATION of the pickup before placing it in the drop box if:

  • The weather is extremely hot or cold
  • If the specimen requires special handling (i.e. non-fixed specimen)
  • During the weekend (Sunday) or Holiday
  • If there is a concern for the security of the specimen in the lock box

In the event of regional emergencies, such as severe weather, prolonged power outages, etc. it is recommended that patient specimens be retained in the security of your office until confirmation of pickup is received from 4path. We will typically POST HERE any interruptions in our service which may result from such emergencies.