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Welcome to the 4path Laboratory Web site. 

To gain full access to all of the content, both public and protected, you will need to log in.  If you don’t have log in credentials (i.e. user name and password), send an e-mail to 4info@4path.com, with your name, and desired user name.  We will register you and send your your initial password as soon as possible!

Thank you.

Dr. Ruby

Looking to Log-In?  See the log in box in the footer of this page.  Enter your username and password to gain access to all of the protected information. Lose your password? Don’t worry.  Send an e-mail to 4info@4path.com.    A password reset will be sent to your e-mail.  Please do NOT contact laboratory for password resets for the web site…we will only instruct you to send an e-mail.  We cannot reset these passwords manually.  They are encrypted and non-accessible by our staff. Thank you!