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We Are Here To Serve You

Contract Histology Services

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Examiner and Coroner Offices
  • Researchers
  • Physician Practices, Dermatology, GI, GU, GYN, Others 
  • Out-Patient Surgery Centers
  • Veterinary Practices and Animal Hospitals
  • Pharma-researchers
  • Academic Laboratories

Why Are We The Best?

We provide all contract histology clients with the same level of service that we expect for ourselves. In fact, they are done in the same lab, at the same time…providing the same great result.
By providing contract histology services from our laboratory, we are able to achieve benefits from the higher volume that we see. It’s a benefit to both our clients, and 4path.
At 4path, we promise to provide you with the same level of service that we expect for our own histology needs. The same level of service we demand for our patient specimens.

Routine Histopathology Services

  • CAP accredited laboratory  Don’t risk your specimens to a laboratory that doesn’t satisfy the comprehensive requirement of this industry LEADER accreditation program.  
  • Grossing of specimens by CLIA certified personnel
    • With or without written gross descriptions
    • Decalcification procedures are available for bone specimens
  • Histologic processing using automated processing instrumentation
    • We use industry standard  vacuum process procedures (Your specimens are not subjected to the irregularity of microwave processing)
    • Embedding, cutting and staining by highly experienced histotechnologists with numerous years of experience
    • GLASS overslipping…eliminates problems with plastic / film coverslips

Comprehensive Special Stain Menu

  • Full menu of histochemical stains available
    • PAS
    • PAS-fungal
    • GMS
    • Alice blue / PAS
    • Iron
    • Reticulin
    • Trichrome
    • Others
  • Full menu of immunohistochemical stains
    • IHC staining is performed using state of the art Bond (TM) IHC platform ensuring high quality, uniform staining
    • Comprehensive list of antibodies available
    • Need routine access to an antibody we don’t have?  Ask us to get it on our menu!


This is an area of service that most other laboratories simply don’t provide.  We do.  And we provide you with access to the BEST Anatomic Pathology System currently on the market.

  • Laboratory Information System
    • Need access to a state of the art LIS…but without the startup price?
    • We proudly offer the Ligo Lab LIS system for our clients who choose that option
      • Rapid setup in your facility
      • Minimal on-site computer requirements….PC or Mac with Internet Access
      • Add images to your problem!
      • Full access to all reports…at all times
        • Print full color reports in your office
        • Send Faxes from the system
        • Download your PDF reports
        • Coming soon….e-mail notification of reports

Value, Service, Commitment....Beyond the diagnosis