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Your Web Request for supplies has been submitted.

Your request will be processed and sent out on the next working day.  Expect to receive it 2-3 days later.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address that you have supplied.  Please be sure you receive it.

At this time….why not check the EXPIRATION DATES on all of your supplies. If anything is outdated (or at risk of being outdated by the time you need it), give us a call (877-884-7284) and let us know…or a follow up e-mail at (Use “Web Supply Request Update” in the subject line please).

Some common items that you may find out-date include:  Specialized Media, PCR collection materials (RESP-20 and GI-22) or Culture Collection Kits.  Please note, that submission with outdated supplies may result in our inability to provide the testing that you are requesting.