Norovirus in Schools

Recently there was an outbreak of Norovirus in a school in NW Indiana, causing more than 120 children to become sick.

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Norovirus is highly contagious and can spread rapidly in high-density populations.

This includes prisons and retirement homes.

You can read more about norovirus from the CDC here.

Correct and rapid diagnosis can help medical professional determine the cause of the infectious diarrhea and institute proper care, treatment and prevention.

4path’s GI-22 Infectious disease panel is able to diagnosis this viral infection (both G I/G II) rapidly using state-of-the-art Real-Time PCR molecular diagnostics.

This test is available for rapid analysis using a small (3-5 mL) stool sample placed into the laboratory-provided transport media, in most states (excluding FL, NY, CA, PA,MD, RI, NV, TN)

Contact 4path at 1-877-884-7284 to obtain test collection kits with pre-paid FedEx mailers.

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