ICD – 10 is HERE!

Say goodby to the 14,000 codes from ICD-9 and say hello to the 68,000 codes of ICD-10

And also say hello to a greater level of headache.  Yes, it started October 1, 2015.  No more delays.  No more wishful thinking.  No more excuses.

There are a lot of different coding resources available to help physician practices, and here are a couple that have been recommended to me by…expert coders!  I thought I would share them with you.

The first is a great FREE web site:  www.ICD10data.com  This site is now stated to be mobile friendly!

The second is an app for your iPhone or iPad  find it on iTunes for about $7.99   It’s name is:  ICD1-10 by Precyse University

I have used the free web site and it works great.  I can’t vouch for the app…but knowing my resource, and her glowing recommendations, it should be good.

I hope you find these all helpful resources.

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