Our Patients LOVE our Fungal Nail Education Program


We can tell you how patients love the new nail fungal educational program….but why should WE do that?  Here are the results of our recent patient survey!

Please note, some of these survey numbers may be different than you see on other materials we have assembled.  That’s because we are constantly updating those statistics as additional patient surveys come back!

  • 92% + Say that this book was helpful
  • 100%  State that this educational book was easy to read and understand
  • 92% + Say this educational book answered ALL of their questions
  • 75% + State that this educational book positively reflects back on their physician (i.e. YOU)
  • 100%  Agree that getting this book is a good idea!

With these statistics….what are you waiting for? Provide this educational resource to your patients TODAY.

Call 4path at 1-877-884-7284 today to start providing this important educational resource to your patients.

4path is the FIRST and ONLY laboratory to provide this comprehensive patient education book.

Start providing this HIGHLY ACCEPTED program for your patients…Today!

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