Want to be an AUTHOR?

4path’s Medical Director, Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA’s book “My Doctor Says I have Nail Fungus”, has been a huge success with patients.

When patients receive this comprehensive book on nail fungus, they appreciate the comprehensive contents that provide them with answers to just about all of their questions.

But it’s time for an update.

Yes, this book has been distributed to thousands and highly accepted. And it’s time for an update.

Dr. Ruby invites YOU to become a contributing author to this valuable patient resource.

There is NO better way to say to your patients “I am an expert”, than to be an author of a book.  This is a perfect time to be able to attain that status.


You should be.  This is a great opportunity to be able to use the second edition in your practice to help market and GROW your patient base.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

Go to www.2ndEd.4path.com and sign up.  You will receive an e-mail with all of the instructions on how to participate.

Do it TODAY.  I look forward to hearing from you….and your contribution to the 2nd edition!

Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA

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